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Bare Bones

The tombs of St. Louis Cemetery tell the colorful and historic stories of those who impacted the city, be it politician, musician, voodoo priestess, gambler or Mardi Gras indian.

Established in 1780, St. Louis Cemetery is the oldest extant cemetery in New Orleans. Originally positioned outside city limits and double its present size, the sacred ground is a Catholic cemetery with a small area that was once part of a larger section for Protestants.

Named after Louis IX, King of France in the mid-thirteenth century and namesake to St. Louis Cathedral, the tombs of St. Louis Cemetery tell the colorful and historic stories of those who impacted the city, be it politician, musician, voodoo priestess, pirate, gambler or Mardi Gras Indian.  

With Bares Bones, you are guaranteed history that is accurate and entertaining. You can also be guaranteed a small group experience! While you may be one of 28 on other excursions, expect to be one of only 16 participants exploring the tombs with your Bare Bones Guide.

"Rebekah was extremely knowledgeable, took the time to answer questions and also had a great sense of humor, which kept us all engaged. She also negotiated through the cemetery with other tours around like a champ, and gave enthusiastic talks about the burials sites, which compared to the other tours seemed much better. "

Trip Advisor Member 
Logan Z
October 2016

"We took the hour long tour of the Cemetery and it was awesome! Very informative- our guide was Jonathan and he was amazing! He was so knowledgeable and his personality made the cemetery come alive! He couldn't have been more friendly or personable- I highly recommend this to anyone."

Trip Advisor Member
Kenny C 
December 2016

Bare Bones Tour of St. Louis No. 1 Cemetery in New Orleans

Bare Bones Tour of St. Louis No. 1 Cemetery in New Orleans

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I took my 10-year-old history-loving son to New Orleans. We took a carriage ride through this company. Amazing! Best carriage ride we have ever had in New Orleans. The driver shared so much interesting New Orleans history and my son hung on every word. He asked her a million questions throughout the tour. The tour was interesting to me as well and I learned a lot about New Orleans history, I didn't know. At one point, when we passed Pat O'Brian's, one of the waiters threw Mardi Gras beads to my son, which he thought was so cool. He had read a Magic Tree House book about John Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop and told me he wanted to see it when we when went to New Orleans. We actually stopped in front of it on our carriage ride, and the driver talked about it being a meeting place for Andrew Jackson, his pirate buddies, and other infamous characters. But through those meetings, Jackson gathered his army and later won the Battle of New Orleans. My son was beyond excited about this story! Definitely worth the money! This teacher/mom highly recommends it for families interested in seeing New Orleans by carriage and wanting to expose their children to New Orleans history.

ThatGirl1964, AL, USA

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