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New Orleans Carriage Ride and Tour Reviews

James, our carriage driver and knowledgeable guide, entertained us and educated us about the rich history of New Orleans, the French Quarter, and the many mysterious residents who still roam the streets and buildings of New Orleans. What a great evening experience!

Eileen, California, USA

Nic, My wife and I visited from Wisconsin over a week ago and you gave us a mule tour of the French quarters. It was the highlight of our trip. You were very informative and we enjoyed your enthusiasm for the history of the area. I would recommend anyone towards you if visiting New Orleans. Keep up the great work and continue to enjoy what you do because it was a joy to receive what you offered. P.S. The recommendation to eat breakfast at the Ruby Slipper was great!

Jim, Wisconsin, USA

We live in the New Orleans area but wanted to share a short tour of our city with visiting family. We had the pleasure of meeting Jamie, our carriage driver, and her mule, Elizabeth. Jamie shared interesting facts about the French Quarter and kept us entertained. Jamie is friendly and a great representative of our city. Elizabeth provided a safe and smooth ride through the streets of New Orleans. Wonderful tour!

New Orleans, USA

Aileen and her mule, Sandy, provided a group of Garden Club of America ladies with a superb overview of the French Quarter. She was informed and imparted her knowledge of history with fun anecdotes. We all heartily recommend her.

Sherry, USA

Bravo to Royal Carriages for employing such a fantastic tour guide with a passion for the city of New Orleans. Mark had so many great stories of the French quarter as well as the St. Louis cemetery it was fun and very informative. He has a great sense of humor and actually knows his history. Very enjoyable and would highly recommend a visit to Jackson Square for the hour long tour.

Gale & Cindy R., Wisconsin, USA

My partner and I enjoyed a wonderful Royal Carriage hour-long tour of French Quarter and St. Louis Cemetery with Mark and Cayenne. As a historian myself, I was happy to see Mark reaching out to the tourists with subjects like real estate and housing and teaching a lot of New Orleans history, including of its many ethnic communities and its slave history, full of enthusiasm and obvious love for his native city. He's what most of my historian colleagues wish to be, someone who can reach audiences and share his knowledge and enthusiasm for his subject. Bravo, Mark and Cayenne! Perfect birthday treat for my other half.

Mark, Arizona, USA

Had a great half-hour tour of the French Quarter this afternoon. We went out about five o'clock and the weather was perfect. Our guide was Amy, and she shared a lot of great info about the history of the area. We've visited many times, but still learned a lot on the tour! Amy was down to earth, knowledgeable, and very fun to chat with. Gus the mule was a total sweetheart. Our year-old son enjoyed meeting him. This was our first carriage tour of the area, and when we do it again we'll look for Amy and the "ninja" mule Gus!

Nicole, California, USA

We had a good time on the History & Haunts Carriage Tour. It was a good way to see the nightlife, safely, without walking around. It's crazy how much history each building there has! The tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and the mules were well taken care of. I liked that the tour guide mentioned the mule's schedule, for those who do care about animals.

South Dakota, USA

My husband and I went on the French Quarter and Marigny tour. Our guide, Jamie, did a wonderful job of telling us the history of the area, and Gus the mule did an awesome job of taking us around. We loved seeing everything at a slower pace so we could really take everything in and see it. We took the tour our first full day in the city and were able to find many of the restaurants and places we wanted to visit in the French Quarter. Jamie also helped up by giving recommendations. This is a must-do while in the city.

Lori, Illinois, USA

Some tour guides, you can just tell, stick to the trained script and are doing a job. The better ones, that I really appreciate, have a personal interest and passion for the topic or place they are introducing people to. Throw in a great sense of humor and you have a winner of an event. Scott is a transplant from up north and that just makes his love of the area and the history of the city and it's culture stronger and more apparent. Find Scott.. you'll laugh a lot, learn a lot and have a hell of a time.

Pennsylvania, USA

Take a Mule-led carriage tour through the French Quarter. We toured with Gus (our Mule) and Jamie who was very informed about the city, its past, and the history of buildings we were passing. Whenever I'm in a city for the first time I try to do a walking tour to learn about the city and also familiarize myself with the area. This tour did just that without all the walking! I would recommend doing this tour in the morning as New Orleans can get very hot and humid in the afternoon. The carriage is covered but the sun will sneak in and hit you in some spots. You can tell that the mules at Royal Carriages are part of the team and treated with kindness and respect. They are hosed down after every tour to cool them off. Guests on the tour are invited to give the mule treats after the tour to let the mule know they did a good job.

Melissa, New York, USA

We thoroughly enjoyed the Royal Carriage tour of the French Quarter. Even though we had explored the area prior to our carriage tour, Emily spoke with passion and obviously enjoyed her job! She told us facts and 'gossip' about the area! The carriage was in good order and the mule, Bojo, was well looked after! Thank you Royal Carriages.

Bath, United Kingdom

As a treat for our mom's birthday, we arranged for a Private Carriage Tour for 14. Both carriages were clean, comfortable and very well lead by our tour guides. The friendly guides tailored their tour messages to our family, which included small children, adding fun ghost stories as well as historical detail for the older generation. We absolutely loved every minute - highly recommended as a fun family outing. Thank you, Royal Carriages!

Teri L, Texas, USA

My friend and I get very tired walking so when we came upon the carriages, we were very tempted. We were especially happy that the tour we took was an hour long, covering the history as well as the haunted stories of the French Quarter. It was difficult for my partner to climb up into our carriage, but this matter was solved by our driver and another employee lifting her in. The actual tour was fun with the stories meant to send chills up your spine. I loved it because we were in the action of the French Quarter but we were able to hear and get a great perspective from our seats in the carriage. It helped that our driver was personable and full of interesting stories.

Lynn, Wisconsin, USA

While the beguiling city of New Orleans offers inquisitive travelers a myriad of tours to choose from during their visit, there can truly be no better way to see the Crescent City from the back of a carriage. Royal Carriages has been in business since 1914, and this family-run tour company continues to welcome New Orleans' guests in style. When you are in a city as unique and endearing as New Orleans, no simple tour will do. See the sights aboard a comfortable carriage, and see why New Orleans remains one of the top tourist destinations in the country.

Angela, Kentucky, USA

Awesome, informative and some good laughs! Do it if you can! Sue was informative & funny. Ms. Parker was awesome. Even and shared some toots with us. We'll worth the money...we toured the French Quarter and St Louis Cemetery...amazing!

Dayan & Kerrie, Canada

Anyone coming to New Orleans NEEDS to do this tour! We did the History and Haunts Tour and even though I thought I knew a lot about NOLA, I learned so much, those details they don't print in the history books. Our tour guide Frank was SO knowledgeable and friendly, throwing in little-known tips and recommendations - you could tell he loves what he does, it really shows and it's infectious. Our mule Cole was a joy as well, so sweet and well behaved, up for all the petting you can dish out and calm even amongst the wild NOLA streets. We booked in advance, which was a breeze, and they even rescheduled for us with ease when we thought it might rain the night of our tour. I'm glad we ended up doing this tour on our first night however because throughout our trip as we traveled through the city the stories came flooding back. Do this tour. Do it first. Then do another. And tip your driver well, they deserve it. Thank you, Royal Carriages, Frank, and Cole! We will never forget you, and we'll definitely be back!

Jennifer J, USA

We took a group ride with Brian and his very charming and eager to please mule partner, Crawdaddy, on an evening tour through the French Quarters. Brian was an extremely knowledgeable guide and a talented, humorous storyteller who imparted great color and texture to the historical development and evolution of New Orleans. We have visited the Crescent City numerous times, and have taken our share of walking tours in the past, and still learned many new fascinating aspects about New Orleans. Many thanks to Brian for such a memorable ride.


Get out of the crowd and off your feet while taking in the French Quarter on a carriage ride. New Orleans offer many tours, but what sets the Royal Carriage tours apart is the small groups and the ability to relax while taking in the sights and history of the French Quarter. On the tour, you can cover a large area of the French Quarter, learn some of the interesting histories of the area, and get off of your feet and relax. The driver/guide is well-informed and with such a small group can answer individual questions. I especially enjoyed touring the French Quarter in a carriage by night. Lots of fun.

Joseph D, California, USA

I took my 10-year-old history-loving son to New Orleans. We took a carriage ride through this company. Amazing! Best carriage ride we have ever had in New Orleans. The driver shared so much interesting New Orleans history and my son hung on every word. He asked her a million questions throughout the tour. The tour was interesting to me as well and I learned a lot about New Orleans history, I didn't know. At one point, when we passed Pat O'Brian's, one of the waiters threw Mardi Gras beads to my son, which he thought was so cool. He had read a Magic Tree House book about John Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop and told me he wanted to see it when we when went to New Orleans. We actually stopped in front of it on our carriage ride, and the driver talked about it being a meeting place for Andrew Jackson, his pirate buddies, and other infamous characters. But through those meetings, Jackson gathered his army and later won the Battle of New Orleans. My son was beyond excited about this story! Definitely worth the money! This teacher/mom highly recommends it for families interested in seeing New Orleans by carriage and wanting to expose their children to New Orleans history.

ThatGirl1964, AL, USA

We loved this. Our driver, Thiebaud, regaled us with historic tales of Napoleon, Joan of Arc, Andrew Jackson, Tennessee Williams, Lee Harvey Oswald, and, of course, Richard Simmons. Why is it that the locals always bring up Richard Simmons? We also heard about the Great Fire, the Second Great Fire, the Big Hurricane, the Next Big Hurricane, and the flood. Seems that God has done his best to take down this city, but the locals aren't having any of that. Such a relaxing/educating/romantic way to see the French Quarter.

Chznone - TripAdvisor December 2016

We hired the carriage to drive that Father of the Bride and the Bride to the wedding venue. What an arrival! The guest were all taking photos. It was a nice way for the two of them to chill before the big event. The driver took them on a nice little tour of NOLA before the wedding. It was worth every dime. Thanks, Royal Carriages.

Tin J. of Maryland, USA

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